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Hydraulic checks in railway crossings: the bridge over the Esino river

Summary - In a general context in which the effects of terrestrial overheating are increasingly evident, involving meteorological phenomena characterised by intense rain concentrated in increasingly shorter periods of time, the careless management of the territory by man and in particular of the waterways has led to sometimes unmanageable and disastrous consequences. Over time we have taken possession of spaces of the streams, we have confined them in narrow riverbeds, we cross them with bridges and road works that obstruct the natural flow of water during flood phases. The need for greater attention in terms of prevention is therefore evident, through which to affirm the culture of respect for water resources, the safety of the community and, as regards existing infrastructural works, the need to promote a more in-depth knowledge of the phenomena that concern them in such a way as to put in place adequate action plans with the aim of maintaining high safety standards.

  • Maggio
Num. 5
Pag. 369