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A multimodal model for the simulation of medium and long-distance mobility of people in Italy

Summary - To overcome the limitations of stationary mobility models highlighted by the recent pandemic and geopolitical crises, with the support of ISFORT, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS) has developed a multimodal medium and long-distance passenger model (MLP) aimed at assessing the economic, social, and environmental impacts of mobility, integrated with a local generation model and with modules for updating the exogenous variables of the forecast scenarios. This article presents the methodological structure of the models developed, the results of a reference application aimed at simulating travel choices in the startup
phase of a “New Normal” scenario following the aforementioned crises, as well as the conclusions and prospects for further development and research deriving from the work carried out.


  • Marzo
Num. 3
Pag. 217