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Hypothesis of a new metropolitan railway structure for the city of Messina in the context of the creation of the stable crossing of the Strait

Summary - In the Sicily region a vast program of construction of new railway lines has been underway for a decade, including the Messina - Catania - Palermo line included in the European Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor TEN T 5.
The interventions also concern the urban penetration of the cities of Palermo and Catania. The PUMS of Messina does not foresee any intervention to create new urban railway infrastructures. In analogy with the urban penetration interventions, carried out or under construction in Palermo and Catania, in the context of the new structure determined by the construction of the bridge over the Strait, it is proposed to build a railway line passing through Messina Centre, 5.7 km long about. The aim is to design a metropolitan railway system which, thanks to the construction of the bridge over the Strait, will be able to assume, together with the corresponding one on the Calabrian side, the role of transport system of the Metropolitan Area of the Strait. The Messina tram line also needs to be upgraded in harmony with the new railway


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