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Hypotheses for the Venice railway vehicle

Summary - The Central Veneto Metropolitan Area is understood as the area comprising the three provinces of Venice, Padua and Treviso. Compared to other metropolitan areas characterised by a predominant centre, this area lacks a point of convergence to refer to; it is also lacking an administrative authority that interprets the needs of the area and governs the development and management of transport, health, and culture and, as far as possible, economy. Mobility had to find its backbone in the Regional Metropolitan Railway System (RMRS [8]) within the Central Veneto Metropolitan Area. The heart of the RMRS is in the Venice Railway Hub consisting of the Venice S.L., Venice Mestre, Padua plants and the long distance branch line stations of the lines that connect to the Venice Mestre station. The saturation of this Hub may result in the future inability to offer adequate services to the entire Central Veneto area.

  • Maggio
Num. 5
Pag. 349