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Hydrogen-powered trains operation: normative constraints and assessment on a cases study

Summary - The use of Hydrogen-powered propulsion in railways is very promising and already found relevant commercial applications. Some potential barriers emerged anyway as critical issues addressed by the scientific community, about the Hydrogen distribution and storage onboard. Indeed, Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) and tankers must fulfil safety criteria not yet consolidated in railway regulations and manage effectively recharging time constraints. In this context, the present study focuses on two key aspects of the problem: 1) the identification of the existing normative constraints, at various levels, in the process to design sustainable and harmonized safety rules based on systematic and robust risk analysis approaches; 2) the comparative assessment of the present diesel-powered operation on a case study not electrified line with the solution of Hydrogen-powered operation, without need of investments on catenary.


  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 697