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Cosa si può fare affinché una misura sia sempre più utile?

Summary - The evolution of electronics technology in the field of sensors has led to an incredible increase of data from measurements in all sectors. One problem that has arisen is that these measurements are often very numerous and not immediately usable for a possible user, but must be processed to extract a synthesis of the information they contain. For this purpose, a science has been developed, called ‘Data Science’, which is dedicated to the identification of possible information contained in data, and the creation of mathematical algorithms capable of extracting it. Specialists in this science generally have expertise mainly in the technologies used for measurement and somewhat less in the application domain. This means that the identification of obtainable information can be limited and partial. Ideally, there should be global specialists, but this is practically impossible. It is therefore necessary to create a dialogue between ‘data scientists’ and ‘domain experts’. This is particularly complex in the railway sector because it is a very broad domain with very different problems.


  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 713