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Assessing the speed of an electric multiple-unit freight train on high-speed lines

Summary - This paper aims at establishing the most appropriate maximum cruising speed for a freight electric multiple unit (F-EMU), i.e., a concept of a new-generation freight train with distributed power, diagnosable and suitable to run also on high-speed lines. Different scenarios were simulated on the Turin-Verona (I) line, trying to achieve a service with five subsequent F-EMUs departing after the end of the passenger service and arriving before the scheduled night-time maintenance operations on the infrastructure. The scenarios considered the current signalling systems (SCMT and ERTMS level 2) and ETCS level 3 with train-platooning. It has been shown that, because of the limitations due to the tarpaulin guaranteed resistance of swap bodies loaded on the flat wagons, the most convenient speed for the design of these trains is 160 km/h, being the best compromise for line capacity and the efficiency of the service. Moreover, given the homotachic nature of the foreseen scenarios, train-platooning would be a viable solution for avoiding delays and pursuing a more reliable service.


  • Maggio
Num. 5
Pag. 393