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Analysis and Evaluation of the electromagnetic effects due to the installation of Eurobalise beacons on Essen type metal bridges

Summary - This article deals with a behavioral analysis of the On-Board Subsystem (SSB) SCMT in presence of Eurobalise beacons (BEB) installed on ESSEN Bridges
The focus is based, in particular, on the analysis of the electromagnetic aspects, which are relevant for the correct communication between SSB and Trackside Sub- System (SST). It is important to identify possible solutions that ensure the appropriate installation of BEBs on the ESSEN bridges in order to guarantee the regular train running (possible non-collection or nondecodable message receipt).
ESSEN Bridges, due to their significant structural metallic nature, could cause interference or otherwise be responsible for the alteration of the electromagnetic behavior that regulates the joining between the BEB and the SCMT On-Board Subsystem, so compromising the regular train running. For the above reasons, test campaigns were conducted both in the laboratory, simulat- ing the different situations, and directly in the field to collect feedback of the real behavior of the SCMT on- board subsystem.
During the test campaigns, different geometrical configurations were taken into account for both the installation (longitudinal / transverse) and the ESSEN structures (wide/narrow beams), in order to compare the radiation diagrams to reach the following considerations about the optimal installation.

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