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Migration to ERTMS for dense traffic lines: investigation methodologies and application to the Stockholm Citybanan case study

Summary - Capacity of infrastructure in Railway depends on several factors, between them Control Command and Signalling (CCS) systems aim at providing improved operation by keeping constant safety performances. This study intends to investigate the effects of ERTMS Level 3 on capacity in comparison to ERTMS Level 2 and Swedish signalling system ATC2. The study includes a comparative evaluation based on both recognized microscopic simulation tools and analytical methods, adapted for the specific purposes. The selected case study is the Southbound of city line in Stockholm (Citybanan) in the peak period under various timetable configurations. The study findings illustrate quantitatively the increase of capacity achievable by ERTMS Level 3.

  • Dicembre
Num. 12
Pag. 937