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A hundred and more years of research on derailments. The “Derailleurs”


The experimental researches on derailments

made in Europe in the last century with the use of

special vehicles are examined. The results qualitatively confirm

the more advanced theories of HEUMANN and CHARTET

but they also pose new problems related to the track deformability

and to the complexity of tribological phenomena

involved in derailments. This requires the adoption of

precautionary limits for H and Y/Q independent from theoretical

models. These limits can be found in the technical

legislation currently in force. A recent resumption of experimentation,

based on the use of advanced computational

and measurement technologies, produced enlightening results

and on the one hand confirmed already known problems

and on the other hand highlighted unforeseen dynamic

phenomena at high speeds.

  • Giugno
Num. 6
Pag. 504