Science and Technology

Num. 3
  The article presents a new methodology for analysing dynamic soil-structure interaction connected to rail traffic. The results can be used to monitor the weak vibrations caused by traffic and to... read all
Num. 2
  The Santhià viaduct on the Turin-Novara section of the high-speed, high-capacity Turin-Venice railway line, which has been in function since February 2006, is composed of 25 and 20.50 m spans,... read all
Num. 1
  This article illustrates the main innovative solutions developed for the 2 x 25 kV power supply and electric traction systems of the Italian high-speed/high-capacity railway lines. These solutions... read all
Num. 12
  Recent innovations in yield-control support systems are allowing contractors to increase the rate of advance when tunnelling in difficult conditions associated with severely squeezing ground. Such... read all