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Unplanned rail service disruptions: Recovery Index for the station analysis where to set up a bus bridging

Summary - The work proposes a quantitative model for the analysis of the resilience of railway lines with particular reference to the recovery activity through the setting up of a bus service. For each route between two stations, the interruption of rail traffic following a relevant event is considered; the aim is to evaluate which are the best stations where to set up the service and therefore the rail road interchange. The proposed model calculates for each station an Recovery Index (IR) on the basis of three indicators relating to the possibility to manage trains in the emergency conditions, the setting up of a bus service and the use of a bus-train interchange area. Each of the three indicator s, variable between 0 and 1, is calculated according to specific parameters and utility functions. Therefore, it is configured as a decision support system able to indicate the stations where the bus service is to be carried out. The model may also include other parameters in addition to those considered to take into account additional aspects such as economic and social impacts.

  • Novembre
Num. 11
Pag. 813