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Valutazione della fattibilità della chiusura dei passaggi a livello ferroviario a basso traffico – Un quadro per i gestori dell’infrastruttura ferroviaria per assistere il processo decisionale efficace

Summary - This research paper develops and presents a framework allowing railway infrastructure managers to effectively assess which railway level crossing of their network may be critically reviewed and potentially cancelled without causing irrevocable and unbalanced burden to the neighbouring communities and adjacent / vertical road network users. The proposed methodological approach applies to both passive and active railway level crossings with minimal only daily road traffic (≤100 road vehicles) where pedestrian use is also kept to a bare minimum. The framework developed contributes to all stages of a railway level crossing’s closure process identified through research on the Greek railway network and addresses what has been pinpointed, through the current research, as the main challenge for which railway level crossing closure initiatives often fail – i.e. stakeholder resistance – in a simple, yet concise and frugal way.


  • Novembre
Num. 11
Pag. 881