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Trackwork-systems: design requirements setting and verification by a preliminary quantitative engineering model

Summary - The design Setting-out and Verification Process are key pillars in the current railway context, trackwork- systems included. During typical activities, it is common to verify, in some contexts also by alternative simplified calculations, that the sizing of the main components of the track-systems are compatible to the main safety and operative requirements in order to detect possible critical situations and to decide whether to implement detailed calculations. This review re-proposes in operative way well-known referenced methods of literature, easy implementable by standard SW tools (spreadsheets), finalized to a preliminary quantitative estimation supporting setting-out and verification processes, manly in contexts where the standardization of configurations and components is not consolidated. Implemented as decisional support tool, it is mainly addressed to the project design-managers involved in the setting-out and verification process coordination.

  • Giugno
Num. 6
Pag. 483