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The key role of cities in the urban mobility policies: new laws and new investment


Summary – The public mobility planning strategy initiated in recent years in Italy is based on two fundamental cornerstones: the reorganisation of the rules (revision of the legislation and definition of a structured programming framework) and an appropriate investment programme to ensure infrastructural development, renewal of the fleet, strengthening and improving the streamlining of public transport services. As part of this process, urban areas are considered focal and central to connect the Country and driving of growth: according to the Sustainable Mobility Urban Plans, the mass rapid transport system is the most appropriate instrument to support the development of integrat- ed, efficient transport services with a low environmental impact. The article describes in detail the infrastructural development programme implemented and the simultaneous application of appropriate incentive policies to ensure quality transport services, such as the total renewal of the fleet.

  • Dicembre
Num. 12
Pag. 979