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Derailment Over one hundred years of research on a complex problem The german school


In this second article about the derailment

it is analyzed the contribution of German researchers,

active during the first half of the twentieth century.

In particular, we recall the basic work of UEBELACKER

and HEUMANN, who first solved the problem of railway vehicles

rolling through curves. The complex work of

HEUMANN is notable for the completeness of treatment and

elegance of methodology. Other authors were engaged in

an effort to popularizing this theory is very complex.

Some significant statements of UEBELACKER and HEUMANN

allowed to develop a new vision of the evolution of the

coupling wheel / rail, in particular with regard to the migration

of the contact point along the rim profile as a

function of the thrust to be transmitted. Final thoughts on

current and usefulness of such investigations and

prospects for development.

  • Dicembre
Num. 12
Pag. 1047