Science and Technology

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Abstract - Freight exchange between North-Western Italy and the Western part of Central-Northern Europe uses three transport modes: the road transport formed by the routes that cross the Alps through... read all
Num. 10
Abstract - Collective transport transit user judge and perceive the quality of the service using few parameters. First, “frequency”, on which depends waiting time and consequently time for transport... read all
Num. 9
Summary - The report describes the properties of a new steel grade family for forged-rolled solid wheels alternative to AAR Class B/C/D steel grades, designed to increase the re- sistance to wear and... read all
Num. 8
Summary - In this paper, different analytical methods for the determination of the hourly practical capacity of a high speed railway line are addressed and compared. Furthermore, for the assessment... read all
Num. 6
Summary - The paper shows the development of a method to quantify the workload of Control Room Train Dispatchers (DCO), in order to ensure fair allocation of activities based on homogeneous... read all
Num. 5
Summary - The vast diffusion of mobile location and communication devices continuously produce a huge amount of data (‘Big Data’) that can be exploited to im- prove the knowledge about the state of... read all
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Summary - The paper presents an original approach to perform capacity assessments of railway systems, based on the automatic generation and evaluation of feasible timetables. This method relies on a... read all
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Summary - The paper describes the research results of the optimisation of “bridge-track-car” interaction for high- speed railway traffic (up to 400 km/h) in bridge zones. The developed criteria allow... read all
Num. 12
Summary - In this paper a study relevant to the rail conductances, self and mutual, for both single and double railway lines track is presented; such a study is performed by means of Boundary Element... read all
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Summary - In the framework of increasing attention, at European level, for environmental protection and energy saving, represented by the objectives of the 20-20-20 Package, part of the European... read all