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The new high speed railway station of Bologna

Summary - The paper presents the new high-speed rail- way station in Bologna: a great and innovative work inte- grated into a large infrastructure project of reconfiguration and upgrading of the rail junction city, one of the most important in Italy. After recalling functional requirements both in terms of urban planning and of transportations, the paper describes the project illustrating the architectural and struc- tural concepts, both classified in the specific geotechnical and hydro-geological context. Then paper describes all the major components of the work: the underground building with the peculiarities of composition and distribution; the particular and in many aspects innovative works of con- tainment of the ground: the buttresses (T-section diaphragm walls), the Vaults and the longitudinal head beam; trans- versal frames and the deck floors. The paper ends with a de- scription of the main characteristics of the plants and archi- tectural finishes. At the conclusion of the illustration of the project we focus on the strong interrelationship between all the specialized components involved in the development of this type of project and their need to be conceived and devel- oped in an integrated way.


  • Giugno
Num. 6
Pag. 513