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Multi-criteria selection of urban guided transport systems: a sustainable mobility approach

Summary - Today, more than ever, decision-makers are at the lookout for solutions aimed at dissuading private car use and promoting public transportation; unsurprisingly, urban guided transport systems emerge as the ideal solution. The framework proposed in this paper allows for selecting the most suitable urban guided transport system for given areas. It is based on exhaustive literature review. Our approach adopts sustainable mobility principles at its core assessing holistically what is relevant for economic, social, environmental, operational and technical criteria for comparatively appraising tram, metro, monorail and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. Underpinned by a ranking system for criteria weighing and alternatives evaluation, as applicable to each criterion, and scored by a panel of experts, the proposed framework effectively considers the intricacies of the study area into question, eliminating results subjectivity and vagueness in the assessment process.

  • Marzo
Num. 3
Pag. 197