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Local public transport system integrated between metropolitan mobility and stable connection of the Strait of Messina

Summary - In the metropolitan city of Messina and in that of Reggio Calabria there is a need to intervene to dras- tically reduce the congestion of private road traffic. The 2016 and 2017 DEFs (Economic planning documents) en- visage strengthening the existing rail, underground and tramway lines for the two cities and extending the mass transport network for which appropriate feasibility projects are to be set up with the aim of making public transport achieve a 40% share by 2030, starting from the current 8% (table 1). In addition, the DEF 2017 includes the comple- tion of the Naples-Palermo route belonging to the Scandi- navian-Mediterranean European corridor, among the prior- ity rail interventions. Among the works to be carried out along this route is the preparation of the feasibility project aimed at verifying the possible crossing options both stable and unstable of the Strait of Messina. The co-ordination of these projects can lead to the creation of a local integrated public transport system between underground mobility and the Strait’s stable link that can integrate the two Metropoli- tan cities, creating new economic and living conditions, el- evating quality and increasing the development opportuni- ties of the entire area.

  • Febbraio
Num. 2
Pag. 95