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An integrated methodology for 2x25 kV, 50 Hz traction system calculation Evaluation of the regenerative braking effects in a HS/HC railway line


The paper describes an integrated calculation

methodology which, by simulating railway traffic,

allows analysis of the performance of 2x25 kV 50 Hz

electric traction systems. This methodology performs a

multiconductor electrical analysis of the traction circuit

utilising ATP-EMTP software (Alternative Transient Program-

Electromagnetic Transient Program) and therefore

additionally allows calculation of electromagnetic transients

and all possible failure regimes. The analyses presented

refer to the application of the methodology in

question to the study of a high speed railway line section

in steady-state operation, with particular emphasis on

the electrical and energetic effects of train regenerative


  • Novembre
Num. 11
Pag. 979