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High Speed/High Capacity Milan-Bologna Railway Line Dynamic analyses of bridge and viaduct interoperability


This document presents a study on the

dynamic effects on bridges and viaducts of the Milano-

Bologna High Speed/High Capacity railway line in order

to verify the requirements established by the Interoperability

Technical Specifications 2008/217/CE to obtain the

interoperability certification.

In particular, the analyses conducted are aimed at assessing

the possible resonance and/or excessive vibration

risks upon transit of the 10 vehicle types representing the

Universal Dynamic Train or HSLM (High Speed Load

Model) foreseen by the above mentioned Technical Specifications.

The results of the dynamic analyses have highlighted

that all types of decks show a good dynamic behaviour upon

the transit of HSLM-A type vehicles, respecting all requirements

set by the 2008 Interoperability Technical


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Num. 6
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