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Calculation of induced noise from electrified traction lines in telephone pairs


This paper describes a method for the

calculation of the induced noise in a telephone pair, in the

audio frequency band (300Hz-5000Hz), due to the influence

of the electromagnetic fields produced by electrified

traction lines or power lines located in proximity of the

telephone cable.

We show the main hypotheses at the basis of the calculation

method together the main simplifications enabling

to study separately and in cascade three singles

two-conductors lines: sheath-earth, pair-sheath (common

mode circuit) and wire-wire (differential mode circuit).

Lastly, by taking into account of the intrinsic random nature

of the unbalances existing in any telephone pair, a

statistical approach to the induced noise calculation,

based on the Monte Carlo algorithm is proposed.

  • Maggio
Num. 5
Pag. 517