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Experimental study on the evolution of geometric characteristics of switches and crossings: application of the new RFI standard directives

Summary - The article provides an overview of the results of a thesis about the application of the new regu- latory framework introduced by RFI on the control of the geometric characteristics of switches and crossings. This Standard follows the logic of the “quality levels” already adopted for the evaluation of the geometric parameters on the plain line. The aim of the study was to evaluate, by an empirical method, the evolution of the measured values of a wide set of switches and crossings, selected on the base of components and layouts, and to compare the results with the regulations still in use during the analysis. The results obtained, taking into account the sample and the time of observation, still provide useful information for an efficient maintenance policy based on control frequencies depending on the evolution of the de- fects.

  • Settembre
Num. 9
Pag. 661