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Experimental data measured with an On Board Unit for condition monitoring of freight wagons

Summary - This paper presents the experimental data measured with an On Board Unit (OBU) realized within the research group of Railway Engineering of Politecnico di Torino. The prototype was installed on an intermodal freight wagon owned by the company Ambrogio Trasporti S.p.a. as part of the project ITS Cluster Italy 2020. The measurement campaign, lasting six months, allowed to monitor approximately 25000 km on the same line. The ca- bled monitoring system developed uses different kind of sensors to describe the real conditions in which operates the monitored wagon. Pressure and temperature sensors were used to describe and analyze the use and the condition of the braking system. The dynamic of the wagon was mon- itored using an accelerometer installed on the wagon’s chassis. The data collected will be used for the development of condition monitoring algorithms in order to increase the safety and to reduce the maintenance costs.
Keyword: railway vehicles, reliability, freight train mon- itoring, on-board monitoring, braking system diagnostic.

  • Luglio
Num. 8
Pag. 547