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Train running protection control systems (ETCS, SCMT, SSC): applications and developments for the Italian railway system


The article presents a summary of development

and production of SCMT (Train Running Control

System - Sistema Controllo Marcia Treno), ETCS (European

Train Control System) and SSC (Driving Support System -

Sistema Supporto Condotta) automatic train running protection

and control systems, recently and in parallel introduced

on several lines of the Italian railway system and on

rolling stock authorised to run within it. The international

and national background that determined the introduction

of such systems is outlined with particular reference to its

main characteristics, details, applications, integration and

interoperability as well as current studies being conducted

in RFI in relation to future developments. With regards to

the latter, the most significant features are outlined.

  • Aprile
Num. 4
Pag. 309