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Magnification effect of buildings on surface vibrations induced by metro trains operation

Summary - This paper aims to disclose the cause of amplification of surface vibration induced by train operation in rapid transit system. The surface vibration was measured on site, and a 2D finite-element model was established to see if the surface building affects the vibration propagation. Based on this model, discussed the impacts of the location and number of buildings on the propagation process. And concluded that the building foundation has an amplification effect on the surface vibration, the effect is more obvious horizontally than vertically; the vibration amplification mainly happens in the low-frequency band; the building foundation has a limited scope of impact on surface vibration, and the vertical scope is greater than the horizontal scope; on an open field, the surface vibration is smaller than the foundation vibration; at the position of the building it is opposite. The research findings lay a solid basis for the prediction of subway-induced vibration, and provide insights into the design of vibration control measures.

Keywords: vibration amplification zone; surface vibration; the location of buildings; the number of buildings.

  • Agosto
Num. 8
Pag. 591