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LRT systems in Spanish medium-sized cities: the cases of Granada and Tenerife

Summary - This research makes a comparison between Granada’s and Tenerife’s line 1 LRTs in relation to the urban insertion, the technical characteristics of the lines and vehicles, the operational features, the ridership evolution and the user satisfaction and behavior. Granada’s LRT is the latest that has started its service in Spain, while Tenerife’s line 1 is the most similar existing one, putting into context the first results of Granada’s operation. The effect of Granada’s LRT opening into the whole transit network is described in the paper (a 6.5% increase in the average daily ridership for the 2018 January-September period in relation to 2017). The evolution of ridership for Tenerife’s whole period of operation (2007-2017) is analyzed, explaining the effect of the economic crisis, and coming to some conclusions about what can be expected in Granada’s case. Keywords: Light rail; Ridership; User satisfaction; LRT technical characteristics; LRT operational characteristics; Choice riders.

  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 785