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Interactions between hydrogeological instability and railway system: analysis proposal with synthetic approach

Summary - This paper aims at contributing to the analysis of the interaction between the status of hydrogeo- logical instability and rail transport.
To this end a descriptive statistical summary approach is proposed that highlights the correlations between macro- scopic indicators of the landslide phenomenon and land- use indicators by the transportation system.
The synthetic model is developed based on public inven- tory maps available at territorial institutions, which report the critical aspects of the Italian territory with regard to landslides.
The consequences for rail traffic were analysed through examination of traffic interruptions communicated to users. The model proposed may provide a preliminary indi- cation on the areas of the railway network potentially ex- posed to greater risk.
Timely or extensive monitoring, of which some exam- ples are analysed and proposed, could supplement the available data and improve the proposed model.

  • Marzo
Num. 3
Pag. 201