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HS/HC Lines Italy L2 ERTMS/ETCS at Speeds over 300 km/h: project, analysis and trials for a test with ETR 1000 train on the Turin-Milan HS/HC line

Summary - The article describes the design and realiza- tion of the amendments to the L2 (level 2) ERTMS /ETCS (European Rail Traffic Management System /European Train Control System) Control Command System on the HS/HC Turin-Milan line, through a campaign of test rides aimed at testing the technical-performance requirements of the ETR/1000 at speeds in excess of 300 km/h, and simulta- neously checking the technical standards of the high speed infrastructural network as regards operation up to 350 km/h.
The project evolved through:
- the identification of parameters/elements/components sensitive to speed increase;
- the choice of trial sites;
- the realization of activities paving the way to the imple- mentation of test rides involving the ETR1000 train;
- the implementation of test rides at the trial sites invol- ving the ETR1000 train at faster travelling speeds than the operating speed of the lines.
The braking tests of the Signalling On-Board Subsystem (SOS), the aim of which is to prove the correct braking from 350 km/h to 0 within the same spaces currently envisaged for deceleration from 300 km/h to 0 km/h, will be the subject of subsequent tests specific to rolling stock and the train ma- nufacturer’s liability.


  • Giugno
Num. 6
Pag. 483