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Fair and sustainable railway transport at the service of the whole community

Summary - The paper proposes some critical reflections relating to rail transport of people in Europe, with an indepth analysis on the Italian context. Some large numbers relating to high-speed railways and regional railways are compared, highlighting the limits and inequities of the policies pursued by some states that have preferred the logic of corridors to widespread networks. Therefore, the opportunity to change strategy is affirmed, adopting a different approach in the development policies of railway transport, inspired by territorial, economic, social and environmental equity (Fair-Sustainable Transport). The railways system of Calabria is analysed as a representative case study. Through a qualitative-quantitative analysis, the most significant critical issues are highlighted; 2 alternative scenario designs are then illustrated (new high-speed line, upgrading of infrastructures and services on the existing network), with related performance and cost characteristics


  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 761