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Effect of hot-dip galvanization on the fatigue behavior of notched and welded structural steel

Summary - This paper investigates the effect of a gal- vanizing coating on the fatigue strength of S355 structural steel. While in literature some results from fatigue tests made on unnotched specimens can be found, very few re- sults are available dealing with notched components. The aim of the present paper is to partially fill this lack of knowledge. A comparison is carried out between hot dip galvanized specimens weakened by a central hole and not treated specimens characterized by the same geometry. Two different values of the nominal load ratio are considered with R=0 and -1, respectively. Overall, 60 new experimen- tal data are summarized in the present paper. A second comparison has also been carried out, focusing on fillet welded cruciform joints, subdivided into two series, un- coated and galvanized, sharing the same geometry and subjected to the same load cycle R=0, corresponding to 34 experimental data.

  • Febbraio
Num. 2
Pag. 105