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Bringing back regularity on a collective transport line

Abstract - Collective transport transit user judge and perceive the quality of the service using few parameters. First, “frequency”, on which depends waiting time and consequently time for transport (travel time). In the mak- ing of the service, is evaluated the number of vehicles to satisfy the demand of transport and a timeline is sched- uled for departures from the terminal in order to have the same distances between them. It’s unfortunately well known that during the service distances quite never re- mains stable. In this paper we study the reasons why this happen, but at the same time we suggest an effective strat- egy to solve this situation and fix back a regular service. A fundamental conclusion of this study is the understand- ing of the importance to have vehicles’ and employees’ re- serves, an aspect that is often underestimated in a Local Public Transport project and simply solved with the cre- ation of a surplus of service respect the real demand of transport.

  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 803