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An assessment model of the single-track line carrying capacity: influence of the signalling system and application to the Trans-Mongolian railways


The Trans-Mongolian railway represents

an interesting study case within the Trans-Asian connections,

since - in these years - they have been subject

to radical upgrading intended to increase its carrying

capacity. This article presents a study aimed at quantifying

the potential benefits that may be expected from

the introduction of signalling systems based on radio

block, (radio cab signalling), as the level 2 and level 3

ERTMS/ETCS; the study will resort to a dedicated

analysis methodology which takes into explicit consideration

the particularities of the single-track railway

service and the need to set up the appropriate timetables

in order to exploit at its best the potential of a more effective

signalling system. To this purpose, beside the

technical parameters, two operational ones are introduced,

in the intent of modelling the train fleeting or

platooning effects. Once the appropriate analysis formula

was defined, it has been applied to the Mongolian

line, thus obtaining results in the form of daily capacity

maps, which are presented and discussed.

  • Luglio
Num. 8
Pag. 627